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There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.
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July Bonsai
On Jul. 01, 2021 by admin Comments: 0

July and August are usually the two most stressful months for bonsai in our neck of the woods but this year has been different, so far. Keep an eye on the weather forecasts and be ready to...

June Bonsai
On Jun. 01, 2021 by admin Comments: 0

Hopefully with all this rain this year you have checked your bonsai to be sure they drain properly. Very few plants will take any length of time in a pot full of water.

Even so you must...

May Bonsai
On May. 01, 2021 by admin Comments: 0

March and early April in my backyard was rainy and cold. There was no time that I had to water everything, I just watched daily and watered those that needed it.

Anyhow, ...

April Bonsai
On Apr. 01, 2021 by admin Comments: 0

Although the average last freeze in Dallas-Ft Worth is in the last part of March, you should remember that it is an average--half the time it will occur later. And a frost can occur at ...

March Bonsai
On Mar. 01, 2021 by admin Comments: 0

The end of 2013 and start of 2014 illustrate why you cannot just do bonsai tasks on a 'schedule', you need to vary them according to nature. In 2013 the temp here was well above average all ...

To Repot or Not
On Feb. 25, 2021 by Steven Hendricks Comments: 0

I reached out to Sylvia Smith with my concerns about repotting. Basically, would I do more damage to my trees by repotting after this horrible cold weather? This is what she said. (I hope she doesn�...

I Killed My Bonsai
On Feb. 06, 2021 by admin Comments: 1

Utter nonsense: You know why most beginner bonsai trees die? Hint: It doesn't have anything to do with the person involved, it's more likely to be the facility from which the bonsai was purc...

2021 Programs
On Feb. 03, 2021 by admin Comments: 1

Everyone knows the difficulties we experienced in 2020, and the scheduling of programs for 2021 is still presenting a few obstacles. But we are committed to having presentations to broaden your bonsai...

February Bonsai
On Feb. 02, 2021 by admin Comments: 1

What happens when you miss a turn in removing wire from your bonsai? You get a large swelling in the branch that destroys the smooth taper you are working for. The only rule for removing wire is to st...

Keeping Your Bonsai Safe During The Cold Winter
On Jan. 28, 2021 by admin Comments: 0

Winter is coming and, depending on where you live, this might be a big deal or it might not. However, winter can be a dangerous time for some bonsai species, so we wanted to talk a little bit about ho...

FWBS New Blog
On Jan. 27, 2021 by admin Comments: 3

Fort Worth Bonsai Society's new blog system is a home grown endeavor that has taken many many months of coding and testing. I am proud to finally have it online for the members of our Club to us...

January Bonsai
On Jan. 01, 2021 by admin Comments: 0

An article like this one is very limited in the amount of detail it can present on a subject. I would recommend that you read what Jonas Dupich of Bonsai Tonight started Dec 6th with a v...

December Bonsai
On Dec. 01, 2020 by admin Comments: 0

Why don't you give bonsai a present this year. The Texas State Bonsai Exhibit is finally progressing but could use more donations. Find full details about the new area in Zilker Park, Austin and ...

November Bonsai
On Nov. 01, 2020 by admin Comments: 0

Maybe it's time for a reminder that articles like this are always just guidelines. Each tree in your backyard is a special case and you should look at it individually each time you water. Be sure...

October Bonsai
On Oct. 01, 2020 by admin Comments: 0

Time to take a good look at your tropicals. Before going into the dry low light conditions most of us have for winter quarters they need to be vigorous, pruned and free of problems. Give them a good f...

September Bonsai
On Sep. 01, 2020 by admin Comments: 0

There is no way you can rely on the calendar to plan what you need to do for your bonsai. In April, May & June this year I probably had three days total that all my trees needed watering. And only a ...

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