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May. 12, 2021 @

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 RobertWell that certainly explains a lot. I knew there had to be a reason that I have killed all the bonsai I have tried to grow. I really thought that it was just a lack of patience on my part.25Feb 10, 2021 
 adminJohn Millers reprinted articles for each month are always extremely informative and entertaining. There is valuable information to be gleaned from them. I plan to reprint his articles for the coming months and years.23Feb 05, 2021 
 AndrewLooking good...can't wait to test drive this new feature myself.21Feb 05, 2021 
 adminAs the months progress throughout the year the Event Calendar on the main page will be updated accordingly with programs and events for our monthly meetings. As our president has stated, please let us know if you have any ideas for our meetings or if you know of a visiting speaker that we should schedule.24Feb 03, 2021 
 TerryYeah me too. Right now lets test the fix I applied and see if it'll work correctly now.21Jan 31, 2021 
 AndrewI look forward to these blog posts and hopefully the comments that will no doubt be generated by the articles.21Jan 31, 2021 
 GregoryWell it's now evident that this dude is gonna get what's coming to him.15Jan 27, 2021 
 TerryI wholeheartedly concur with you both. There are just too many things that solicit our attention in this world that are almost impossible to resist.19Jan 26, 2021 
 PeterWell it seems that my worries were unfounded, The ceremony to swear in our new president went off without a single hitch. Biden has a long road to travel but at least he's off to a grand start!18Jan 25, 2021 
 AndrewI like the pagination you have on this page...can it be used in the other blog applications?18Jan 25, 2021 
 AndrewThere doesn't seem to be enough "good" people in the world to try and fix the problems that exist. Everyone seems to be out only for their own benefit, and screw everyone else.19Jan 09, 2021 
 CharlieHere here! I agree 100%. That's what we get for allowing our society to develop as a "self-indulgent" one.19Jan 09, 2021 
 PeterNow that Trump is the official loser in the game of the century I am worried about the possibility of continued violence at the inauguration ceremony on January 20th. by the radical groups that still believe in the "demon man".18Jan 09, 2021 
 EdwardYes they do I agree. And I really think that they are a good team.6Jan 09, 2021 
 AndrewCould not agree with you more on this...the $600 stimulus check is almost a slap in the face but as everyone can see, the republicans have all of a sudden become fiscally responsible again now that they are about to be booted out of power.18Jan 02, 2021 
 JonathanHappy anniversary guys; you deserve it.6Dec 28, 2020 
 FrankieAt the forefront of what you just said Fred is the multitude of "Trumpeters" who go about their daily lives with no regard of the truth at all. It seems that their only "truth" is what comes out of the current president's mouth. What a horrible thought that these people can so easily be duped.1Dec 26, 2020 
 adminI agree with you 100% Bob. Since childhood I have had an unwavering sense that there are literally thousands of civilizations in the vastness of the Cosmos. A perception if you will, of life-force. I've always been aware of the teeming of life on our planet.17Dec 23, 2020 
 FrankieFinally! Nancy has a lot to say and it's in keeping with American Democratic thinking.16Dec 21, 2020 
 JonseyTesting the integrity of the Google Captcha script.3Dec 21, 2020 
 DanielWell I guess everyone spoke too soon. The "child" still refuses to concede the election results. Not only that he seems determined to wreck the government before he's forced out of office.13Dec 21, 2020 
 BobWith the number of planetary systems in our Milky Way galaxy alone there has to be literally millions of earth like planets that could harbor lifeforms. Out of those millions there has to be many many thousands of planets that could have advanced civilizations. Surely a few of those have developed technology similar to ours and are capable of purposely or accidentally broadcasting radio transmissions across the voids. I tend to believe that this is so.17Dec 20, 2020 
 FredWhat is even more amazing is that his base is still supporting everything he does to the point that they are advocating having him declare martial law and re voting everything by hand. It is amazing to me that none of the republicans in office are doing anything to put a stop to it.14Dec 03, 2020 
 AdamThe audacity of this "child" never ceases to amaze me. He's like a bully kid that has had his candy bar taken away from him. He doesn't care at all for the plight of the people that are suffering and dying from this devastating pandemic. His legacy as a true enemy of the common people will live on into infamy.14Dec 02, 2020 
 FredAll I can think about is that the taxpayers are paying for all of these suits and recounts and at what point does it become too much to ask us to pay for? Give it up and suck it up...you lost.14Dec 01, 2020 
 AndrewWell said, unfortunately not everyone is on the same wave length but hopefully there will be enough of us to go around to prevent its destruction.12Nov 23, 2020 
 TJI am sorely afraid my friend that you may be wrong; there may not be enough of us that truly see what we have done to the earth and each other, to make a difference in the grand scheme of things. The road to destruction is sugar coated and glorified with promises that are not possible to honor by the people who don't care one way or the other and are only out for self gratification and pleasure, at the expense of all of us.12Nov 23, 2020 
 TommyIt is totally amazing to me that beneath Trump's concrete-hard shell there seems to be not a shred of decency or comprehension of the state of affairs. He is an egotistical maniac who looks out for no one but himself.4Nov 09, 2020 
 FredAt this point he will do anything to try to stay in office because he doesn't want to face what is waiting for him once he is out of office.4Nov 09, 2020 
 BobbyWell the Trump did indeed get Dumped! It's a glorious day for the American people. A day of immense celebration. The dangerous child has had his toys taken away.4Nov 08, 2020 
 FredI couldn't agree with you more...it is time for America to heal and I hope that the republicans are able to accept Joe as the new President. Unfortunately, I'm not sure they will be able to do so. Time will tell.9Nov 07, 2020 
 adminYes; time will tell. According to my wife a lot of threats were made by certain groups if Trump lost. Let's keep out fingers crossed that a small semblance of sanity prevails.9Nov 07, 2020 
 FredHaving reached and passed the age of 71, I can only say that age is a number and does not define the person. You make of life what you want it to be. Your best years are more than likely ahead of you.8Nov 04, 2020 
 CarlYou are right my friend; time slows for no man. It's like a roller coaster ride going down the last incline. You can't stop it and you certainly can't slow it down. But most importantly you can't get off. The onward trek toward oblivion is inevitable.8Nov 03, 2020 
 SusanI would definitely categorize myself as a misfit. I have never followed the crowd but went my own way.2Oct 31, 2020 
 FredYou are right about people just believing what they hear without any thought to the veracity of what they just heard. Even though some of the stuff they hear couldn't possibly be true, they will believe it just because of who said it.1Oct 26, 2020 
 FrankieQuite funny indeed but mostly tragic. Millions of people are duped by "the wolves of the internet." It's a vast wasteland of thieves and robbers who think nothing of deceiving you into falling for their latest scheme.1Oct 25, 2020 

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